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Bengkung Belly Binding

You have carried your baby in your belly for nine months and suddenly your baby is born and your belly is empty. Sometimes this can be very unreal and the feelings overwhelms you. Belly binding gives a welcome loving envelopment of your abdomen and pelvic area, making you feel supported both physically and emotionally.

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Bengkung Belly Binding comes from the Malaysian postpartum tradition, where women are bound with a fabric almost daily during the first 40 days after giving birth to promote their recovery. It is a long piece of cotton fabric of 17 meters. 

The belly bind is an effective way to help you recover in the first weeks/months after the birth of your baby. Your body recovers in a shorter time than if you do not bind, because of the faster drainage of blood, air and moisture.

In addition, it provides 360˚ support that lets your abs bounce back, improves your posture, stabilizes your ligaments and supports your entire torso as all vital organs (including the uterus) return to their pre-pregnancy size and location. During pregnancy you retain water, air and extra weight. This is for a reason; your baby is surrounded by fat, air and water to be safe and secure. After childbirth, this no longer has a function and is slowly drained away. The combination of the preliminary warming body work and the constant supportive pressure around your pelvis and torso from the abdominal wrap speeds up this process. ​


In addition to all the physical benefits of wearing a belly wrap, I often get back that women literally feel supported and feel a little more themselves again. It also ensures that the entire abdominal area remains pleasantly warm so that the heat can do its job during recovery and you experience fewer neck and upper back complaints. As it is almost impossible to slouch on the sofa/bed with the belly wrap on and it invites you to rest / sleep more. ​


The belly wrap can be worn for up to 24 hours during the first weeks postpartum, after a couple weeks 6-10 hours will be sufficient. The belly bind can be worn well into your postpartum > 4 months. However after some months it will be good to this then in combination with pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal exercises. I suggest you to work with a bodyworker specialist in postpartum recovery. 

The next day I always check in with the woman. During the treatment we can 'touch' things which can require some more attention.


How does it work?


I come to your home, so you can receive this therapeutic and supportive treatment in your safe and pleasant environment. With your baby close to you, so you can breast feed in between if needed. However, for your own maximum relaxation, it would be nice when your partner or someone else looks after your baby during the treatment.


The first session preferably takes place 5-10 days postpartum. (if there are no contra-indications like a fever, infection, dizziness)I do not recommend it after a caesarean section as it is important the wound heals properly first. However, there are other things you can do to promote recovery from a c-section. Feel free to email me if you want to know more about this.

You rather to repeat this treatment every few days. I can teach you or your partner how to put on the belly wrap yourself.

Bengkung Belly Binding treatment includes (more or less 2 hours)

• short conversation

• cranio sacral relaxation

• warming moxa

• healing and softening belly massage

• soft and grounding foot massage

• bengkung belly binding

€540,- for 3 treatments and 185,- for a single treatment

Note:  I only offer this treatment in Amsterdam and surroundings.

+ €70,- contribution for rental and deposit of the belly bind, this will be fully returned after the return of the belly bind cloth. 

PS. Additional restorative treatments such as a fully body postpartum massage or a soothing vaginal herbal steam bath / herbal sitz bath are also recommended.  Baby massage can also be very relaxing and healing for both parents and baby, inquire about the possibilities.

Everyone deserves support.

Do you give it to yourself, your partner or baby? 

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