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1: 1 Lifestyle Coaching

Take control of your healthier life. Step by step.

Perspective, or insight into your own thoughts and beliefs. Your story.

Do you choose love or fear?


"Get out of your head, connect with your body."

It is my mission to reconnect people with themselves and find a balance between DOing and BEING. To live out of trust, peace and love. Be in your power, so that you can live your best life!

Connect with your inner compass and learn to trust your intuition, your stomach (feeling) and live with the cycle of nature.

All the answers or whatever you need is already in you!

I connect you to this through breathing and relaxation techniques, movement, BDR, asking critical questions and other practical coaching tools. Out of your head, into your body.

Freedom is a choice!

You decide whether you will now take the step to live your ultimate life.

All the wisdom for a happy life is in you!

What is lifestyle coaching?

Lifestyle coaching is aimed at guiding people on their own development path towards a vital, happy and meaningful life. What starts with a healthy life.

You are in the middle of life, you generally feel good, but you want to live your best life. Get everything out. Lifestyle coaching is about positive behavioral change. People who are not seriously overweight, exercise regularly, do not smoke, drink alcohol in moderation and can handle the daily challenges of life live an average of seven years longer and also stay healthy longer.

Of course you know what is needed for this, and yet it is very difficult to break through patterns and learn a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle coaching helps you. Lifestyle coaching is a supportive, motivating and positive guidance based on your goal. With respect for your situation, we look for ways to improve your health.


Do you want to ...

  • Feeling fitter and more energetic;

  • Feeling more confident;

  • Losing weight and maintaining weight;

  • Tackle unhealthy habits (think of snacking, snacking, smoking, drinking);

  • Address limiting beliefs;

  • Experience more peace of mind or learn to deal with stress differently.

  • Being more in touch with yourself, your intuition and learning to trust it more.

You are willing to overcome your fears, or inconveniences or habits that you should not engage in.

You are willing to change and grow like that; to keep developing yourself.


The answers for balance, trust, peace and love are already in you, you just need to connect with them and I will be happy to help you with that!

I am convinced that everything is connected and that is why the following five factors are reflected in my holistic approach.


Thoughts, beliefs, blocks, fears and worries. How do you find peace in a life full of planning and expectations?


Diet, exercise and relaxation have a major influence on our physical well-being. How do you take care of your body?


Relationships with others, your feelings, emotions , trust and empathy. Which emotions do you feel and can they always be there?


Follow your intuition, discover drives, connection and authenticity. Movement is energy. Do you dare to trust yourself 100%?


A meaningful life. Have a contribution. Knowing what you do and don't want. What are your most important values and do you live by them?

A vital person feels strong, happy and hopeful


How does lifestyle coaching work?

Holistic LifestyleCoaching with Elvira Broersma can be designed in various ways. During a perspective conversation , we determine this together, including an indication of the number and frequency of the sessions. To get an idea, see my offer .

During this free and no-obligation session, we share our expectations, and then delve deeper into what you really need. Where are you in your life, what is your story and what are you like

lifestyle so far?  

After our conversation it should feel good and familiar.

I will start with a proposal based on your wishes and goals.

If you agree, I will send you an intake form and we will go

from start.

Are you ready for change?

What others say? Read their enthusiastic experiences.

You are the most important person in your life.  

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