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Do you have a question? Like to share something? Or would you like to collaborate? Please feel free to reach out, I am looking forward to get in touch. 
Free discovery calls / (digital) get togethers via Zoom can be booked here.
Rather meet in person? Once a month on a Friday I have a free walk-in hour at my practice at Stories Space.
Pre- and postnatal massages and baby massage courses can be at your own home or in my practice. You can book this through my website or call/email me directly to book something in. 
        06 83 14 14 87
        Emmaplein 7a, 1075 AW Amsterdam

KVK: 73233072

VAT number: NL002214624B17

Thank you for your message, I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Review 💛 Birth & Postpartum support - 

Jon van Eerden & Bart Denteneer (1st son Seb May 2022) 

​​ Elvira supported our family before, during and after giving birth. Because I was pregnant with my first and a lot was coming our way, it was nice to get the extra explanation and tips from Elvira in addition to the regular care from the midwife. This made me feel very supported during pregnancy. During the birth Elvira was really a great support for us and she reminded me again and again of the confidence in myself and my son Seb, to be able to continue in this way. Even when the delivery suddenly turned out completely differently, she was there to make sure everything went as I had indicated in advance. She knew exactly how I wanted it, when I couldn't do it myself and what I needed. Partly because of this, I look back very fondly on my birth. 


In my post-partum time I also had a number of sessions with Elvira. It was very nice to look back on the birth with her and she also brought me a lot of relaxation in the form of bodywork, massages and pleasant conversations. 


The combination of her background as a holistic coach, her extensive knowledge about pregnancy and birth plus her way of working - sober, gentle and with a lot of love - makes Elvira super unique. I can only say WOW! I hope that every pregnant, (just) given birth woman or heads will allow themselves this."

Since I decided to say goodbye to the corporate world and become an entrepreneur in 2018, I continuously develop myself and expand my knowledge. To give the best possible support to mothers (to be), partners and their child throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. 


2014                 Yoga Teacher Training in Power Vinyasa - Power Living Australia Yoga

2018 - 2020  Holistisch LeefstijlCoach - Academie voor Holistisch Coachen

2020                  Yoga Nidra Advanced Module - De Nieuwe Yogaschool (Moena de Jong)

2021                  Geboorte doula training - Doula Academie (Maartje Bruning) 

2021                  2-daagse stage 1e lijn Verloskundige praktijk Veilige Geboorte

2021                  5-daagse klinische stage in het AMC onder begeleiding van klinische doula Catharina Ooijens

2021                  Postpartum Care Provider Training - Midwife Cafe (Jacky Bloemraad - de Boer)

2022                  Privé workshop Rebozo Closing Ceremony in Mexico van een lokale verloskundige & doula

2022                  Verdiepingsweekend Pre- en perinatale psychologie met Anna Verwaal

2022 - 2023  Training Trauma Therapy for Baby's and small children - Aumm opleidingsinstituut (Sarito M. Fuhrmann-Bailes)

2022                  Holding Space for Trauma - Bia Doula Training (Ilena J Standring)

2022                  Rebozo zwangerschap & geboorte workshop met

2022                  Zwangerschapsmassage training  - Doula Academie (Marije Terpstra)

2022                  Kraamdoula training - Doula Academie (Jacky Bloemraad - de Boer)

2022                  The Wondrous Pelvis, the Story of our Bones - BiA Doula Training (Claire Eccleston)

2022                  A-level Babymassage Docent - Babymassage Nederland (Miranda van Kester)

2023                  1-daagse Introductieworkshop Cranio - Upledger Instituut & Peirsman Cranio Sacraal Academie

2023                  Special 'Babymassage in de kraamperiode en het intensiveren van de hechting' - Babymassage Nederland (Miranda van Kester)

2023                  Kraambedmassage training incl. abortus of verliesgeboorte - BiA Doula Training (Joyce Hoek-Pula & Marlies Phielix)   

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Alone you can do a lot, but together you achieve more.  

I am affiliated with  The Dutch Professional Association for Doulas and Babymassage Nederland and  you can also find me on and 

Soon you an extensive list of specialists I like to work with can be found here. For example an lactation consultant, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, cranio sacral therapist, coaches, therapists, psychologist, independent maternity nurse, placenta encapsulation, pregnancy courses, and so on.  


Soon more...  


If you are urgently looking for a specialist before, during or after your pregnancy, send me a message and let us see who can help you further.

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