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Holistisch Coach & Masseur Elvira Broersma

Do you want to experience more peace and confidence in your body & life?

Especially during pregnancy, childbirth and the period afterwards?

The best possible start for your baby, yourself and your partner? 

I love to guide you! Curious what I can do for you? 

Book a free discovery call to get to know each other and discuss your situation. For any questions, I am happy to have a short phone call or send me an e-mail.

Who is Elvira Broersma?

Let me introduce myself ...

Elvira Broersma is a loyal warm down-to-earth woman with a mission. Born and raised in Friesland, travelled the world, to discover herself and the world a little more, changed course, followed her heart and now lives in Amsterdam with her cat. 


Elvira loves the magic of (new) life, personal development, creating things, outdoor swimming, wine, traveling & exploring new cultures and spirituality. Few things are taboo and she tries her best to increase awareness within as many people as possible, to inspire and motivate them to feel empowered, especially during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. In short, the first 1000 day of a child. 

Helping people restore the connection between body, mind and spirit. Through a holistic, intuitive & body-oriented method. Every time attuning to the person, so you experience more peace & confidence in your body and life. To enjoy life more in connection with yourself, your environment and your (unborn) child, instead of surviving

Wie is Elvira?

Holistic approach

The answers for an easier and healthier life are already within you, you just need to connect to them and I'll be happy to help you with that!
I am convinced that everything is connected and that is why the following five elements are reflected in my holistic approach.


Thoughts, beliefs, blocks, fears and worries.

How do you find peace and pleasure in a life full of planning, rules and expectations?

How to deal with (labour) pain? 


Diet, exercise and relaxation have a major influence on our physical well-being.

How do you take care of your body? Especially during pregnancy and beyond?


Relationships with others, your feelings, emotions , trust and empathy.

Which emotions do you feel and can they always be there? How to help your (unborn) child deal with emotions?


Movement is energy.

Follow your intuition; your inner compass,

discovering motivations, connection and authenticity.

Do you dare to trust yourself 100%?


A meaningful life.

Having a contribution. Knowing what you want and don't want.

What are your most important values and do you live by them? What do you want to pass on to next generations? 


You are the most important person in your life.  

Dear Elvira, 


I could not have had a better doula by my side during birth. You did a tremendous job helping me bring Benjamin into this world and I cannot thank you enough for listening to all my needs, the support and the encouragement you have given me. 


I know it was a lot of work and I appreciate your dedication and commitment to guide me all the way, even after I held Benjamin in my arms. 

You did a fantastic job, and I wish you all the best on your doula journey! 


Thank you so much!!

- Tina (VBAC) March '21

Hi Elvira, 

Thank you very much for all the helps during this beautiful journey. I can't imagine if I could have done the same without your help and support. Looking back on the delivery, it is your calm and firm voice that guided me through the hardest moments. Your support is definitely professional. You helped me realizing my plan to give birth naturally with encouragement and respect. Even though the last several hours were intens, I would describe the delivery beautiful, smooth, painful but no need to be scared. 

We would definitely recommend you to our surroundings. 

- Mei & Rick, Sept '22 

After having my baby, I reached out to Elvira to help me get a bit of me-time, to relax and try to slowly recover from giving birth. I had a belly binding and maternity massage, it was such a calming experience!

Elvira came to my place, which was super convenient in the first  postpartum weeks, and we were also making breaks when it was necessary so I could feed my baby.

I am really glad I did this for myself, that felt necessary. Elvira was very attentive, professional and thoughtful and made me feel entirely comfortable.



- Alisa Frunza, June '23

Elvira is fantastic.

I've booked a pregnancy massage close to my due date and it was exactly what I needed.


The massage was that good that

I decided to immediately book the

next one.

Can highly recommend.


- Iris Fakkel, Oct '22

(3 weeks postpartum) 

More reviews can be found on my Contactpage or on my Google business page.

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