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Invest in yourself

Opportunities for cost savings

Coaching is not yet reimbursed from health insurance.

Still, there are some other options:  

Reimbursement by your employer

More and more employers provide employees with an individual choice budget for personal well-being, personal development or training. You can often use this budget as you see fit. Please note: for employers, the stated prices are exclusive of VAT.

Tax Deductions

As a private individual, you can deduct costs (incl. VAT) as training costs, provided the aim is to obtain a (new) job or to perform better in your job.

Deduction as an entrepreneur and self-employed person

For entrepreneurs and freelancers, a coaching process is often deductible for income, corporate and sales tax. Check with the tax authorities whether this also applies to you.

Reimbursement via the UWV

Do you receive benefits through the UWV? Then there are possibilities in the context of recovery and reintegration where the UVW makes a budget available for coaching. Ask the UWV about the options for you.

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