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Lifestyle apps

Hate it or love it. Technology brings a lot of incentives, but it also has its advantages.

I like to use a number of apps for guided meditations, yoga classes or insight into nutrition / movement, but also sleep.


My Eating Meter

Gain insight into what you eat.

Wondering if you get enough vitamins, minerals and energy every day? Keep an online food diary and I will give advice. (not according to the Wheel of Five)

headspace app.png


Be kind to your mind. Headspace offers great tools to take care of your mind. Meditation, sleep, stress and anxiety management & movement.



Fitbit provides insight into activity, heart rate, sleep rhythm, etc. and motivates you to build healthy habits that help you achieve weight and fitness goals.

ten percent happier.png

10% Happier

Ten Percent Happier through meditation is an American app with many meditation and mindfulness tools, as well as stress and focus tools.

ekhart yoga.png


Online and offline yoga classes and breathing exercises wherever you want. With yoga teachers from all over the world. PS. you can meet me in the videos.


Insight Timer

The app features guided meditations, music, and talks posted by contributing experts. Often use this app during yoga classes or meditations.

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