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  • operation

    Elle TENS is the ultimate and best choice in birth TENS for pain relief during your birth. Because de Elle Tens is fully pre-programmed and optimized for pain relief during childbirth, you no longer need to select or program settings yourself. Once labor begins, stick the electrodes onto your back on either side of the spine. You turn on the TENS and feel a gentle tingling experience that you can increase in intensity with the push buttons on the unit.

    As soon as you get a contraction you press the 'boost' button. This switches the unit to a more intensive impulse that helps to suppress the pain signal from the lower body. As soon as the contraction is over, press the boost button again and the Elle Tens switches back to maintenance mode.

    • Useful for pain relief during and after childbirth
    • Easy to use with pre-programmed positions
    • Boost button for extra support during contractions
    • Two channels, to be used for two sets of electrodes (4 pieces)

    package contents

    • Elle Ten's unit
    • 2 cables
    • 4 adhesive electrodes (2 sets)
    • 2 x AA batteries
    • Clear manual NL and EN
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