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Healthy food is an important part that affects how we feel.

Some of my favorite and healthy vegetarian (n) recipes. Have fun cooking and let your taste buds enjoy!

From time to time, I (as a winegrower's daughter) may also add a glass of delicious and honest wine, preferably from our own (Frisian) soil. I'm going for Frysling wine.


Protein grains

Vegetarian Italian red buckwheat risotto


Parsnip lentil soup

Warming recipe for a gloomy winter day: vegan parsnip lentil soup

aubergine-miso vega recept.jpg

Chakra nutrition

Vegetarian recipes that feed your chakras

vega pokebowl.jpg

Poké bowl

Vegan poké bowl with

marinated mango and quinoa


Mexican bulgur

Super fast one- pot

Mexican bulgur dish

heel veel veg.jpg


I've been a vegetarian for 20 years, but this book taught me to cook with vegetables in the lead. Sooooo delicious! Pure and unprocessed ingredients are the best building blocks for a delicious and healthy meal!


Vegan Goulash

Goulash with sauerkraut and tempeh, serve with rice or couscous

vegan bananenbrood.jpg


My favorite snack: vegan banana bread

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