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Enthusiastic experiences

You make the transformation yourself, I am only a guide in the process.

I get the most satisfaction from seeing the change . How you are more in balance, feel vital, in contact with yourself, choose how you live your most beautiful life.

Very grateful that I can be part of someone's life path.

Read a selection of the experiences of my clients below.

I experienced the coaching sessions as very pleasant. Because of Elvira's calm, clear energy and open atmosphere that she created, I felt the space to be myself, with everything that was going on with me and this made me feel very comfortable.

She took me out of my head and more into my body, with breathing exercises, among other things. She also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, with other targeted exercises, to see and break through my patterns more. There was always a link with my body and this meant that it really brought about change for me.

She did this in a playful yet neutral way, which made me feel safe enough to take it on. Her practical exercises that she gave me for home were just those little things that helped me in my process. They were doable in my daily life and I still do a few.

I really liked that Elvira has a positive, motivating approach and that is why I always went home with more energy, insight and self-confidence.

Thank you very much Elvira, for the great sessions!

- S. Slemmer, 32

I went through a coaching program at Elvira in the field of nutrition & exercise. In a number of conversations Elvira coaches in a thorough and goal-oriented way step by step from the basis to the ultimate goal. Elvira uses different techniques for this. For each component, not only the question / problem is looked at, but it is placed in a broader picture. Elvira monitors the steps to be taken for each part and quickly gets to the point. Which has made me more aware of my own thoughts and behavior with regard to nutrition & exercise.

Elvira feels the situation very well, is very empathetic and skilled in clarifying the steps to be taken to achieve a better lifestyle in order to achieve the desired goal.

- KJ Tressel, 56

I look back on the coaching process with Elvira with a very good feeling.

Elvira made me feel familiar and I felt at ease during the sessions. What I liked is that on the basis of my request for help we have done many exercises with concrete situations, so that I could put the ea into practice immediately after a session.

Elvira took all the time during the sessions and I always felt that she understood me well.

After the program I did not immediately 'become a different person' (that was not the intention), but I did have enough other insights, more self-confidence & tools to deal with things differently, in order to improve the quality of my life. to improve.

Thanks Elvira!

- W. de Lange, 37

Dear Elvira,

Thank you for your wonderful coaching sessions, in which you gave me the space to be honest and vulnerable, to really go to my feelings, in which you listened very carefully and also asked insightful questions.


You helped me a lot!

- M. Snijders, 37

If you would like to read more experiences or would like to pass on your own, please contact us .

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