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Forget sticky bags of “appelstroop” in your freezer and use this Hot & Cold Postpartum Perineal Therapy Compress instead.


Cold for pain relief from perineal, hemorrhoidal, and c-section discomfort and hot to soothe postpartum uterine cramping.


What's in the box? 

1 x Hot and cold postpartum perineal therapy pack
2 x Washable covers



Perikompres - Verkoelend Kraamverband

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  • Hot

    • Always heat the compress without the cover
    • Microwave:
      • Heat in the microwave at 900 watts for a maximum of 20 seconds. Every microwave is different so in case the compress is not yet warm enough, heat up the compress in 5 seconds increments. However, stop before the compress begins to puff
      • Knead the compress slowly to evenly distribute the warm pearls
    • Hot water
      • Place the compress in warm (not boiling!) water for 3 to 5 minutes, with the heat source turned off
    • Always use the warm compress with the cover on to protect the skin
    • Do not use the compresses for more than 20 consecutive minutes and do not use more than 6 hours per day in total. Wait for a minimum of 1 hour between each use. Using the compress for too long or too frequently can cause injuries such as heat allergy or burns


    • Place compress in the freezer for at least two hours before use without the cover.
    • Always use the cold compress with the cover on to protect the skin

    Clean the compress after each use with mild soap and a damp cloth or disinfect with isopropyl alcohol (70%). Covers can be washed at 30℃.

    Store in a cool, dry place out of the sun.

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